Vision, Mission & Aims


An African continent with a globally competitive teaching profession.


To raise teacher education and practice and teacher status to the highest possible standards in the African continent through networking with all relevant stakeholders within and outside the continent by promoting African Philosophy and Holistic Education; and to promote solidarity, co-operation and sharing of good practices amongst African Teaching Regulatory Authorities.


The aims of the Federation are to:

  • Reposition the teaching profession in Africa;
  • Promote delivery of quality education based on research and African context within the globalised world;
  • Promote respect, dignity and nobility of all teachers in the continent;
  • Set international standards for the teaching profession;
  • Develop and promote programmes for continuous professional development for teachers;
  • Develop protocols and platforms that will ensure maximum benefit of the African teacher mobility and guarantee fair treatment of teachers working in countries other than their own;
  • Establish co-operation amongst key stakeholders on matters pertaining to the teaching profession;
  • Exchange best practices and experiences among member countries;
  • Collectively undertake advocacy to improve teacher welfare, quality and status of teachers in Africa and internationally;
  • Remain a member of the International Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (IFTRA).